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Hi Mike,

The two relevant files are searchresults and propertydisplay

I didn't want to have to go get another Google Maps API key, so the pages here will likely throw an error or nag, so you can see full working versions here: results | display

Some notes

On the results page, clicking on the first panel will take you to the example property results page 'as is'. Clicking on the second results panel, I have set an example of how, by adding a simple tag to the end of the link, you can move straight to the property details section of the property description page.

Across both pages, most of the horizontal dividers end with a tiny 'TOP' on the right hand side. This is a scripted mechanism for taking the user back up the page - a smooth glide instead of a horribly abrupt jump.

On the display page, all of the property photos are bound together as part of an overlay gallery, so clicking on any of them will pop up a large image on the screen and by clicking the left or right arrows you can move through the entire set or dismiss the image. The gallery is cyclic, so whatever photo you start on, you can keep going until you've been through all of them.

Across the top of the main photo and house name is a property tools menu bar. At the moment map, streetview, arrange viewing, and share are all wired in. I'll need to get some more information from you about your shortlist system to wire that one in, Download, obviously, will be a download link for the .pdf brochure that Chris uploads.

Map and Street View are both client side solutions. You may have a better server side solution, but these are light and fairly fast and only require the long/lat coordinates of the property. The share system is client side too, with a bit of script working out the URL and then creating links to nine of the social sharing sites. The standard email form is also present. The arrange a viewing panel is just an email form to collect some details in order to arrange a viewing - standard stuff.

You may notice what appears to be some extraneous material in the propertydisplay page (e.g. a static map). This stuff is hidden away if the browser has js turned on, but forms the fallback position in the event js is turned off.

Any problems or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Cheers, Mark